We help diverse professionals level up their leadership game for career growth through personalized coaching. Our programs transform teams, foster fresh and effective behaviors, and build resilient workplaces that prioritize better connections, emotional intelligence, and positive conflict resolution. At Refined Leadership, we don’t just refine – we redefine leadership excellence.

Empowering Excellence: Comprehensive Services

At Refined Leadership, we believe in making exceptional leadership not just a goal but an attainable reality for all. Meticulously assessing baseline strengths and opportunities, we craft personalized roadmaps guiding individuals and teams toward unparalleled success. We transcend traditional approaches, empowering leaders and organizations on their journey to full potential. From personalized 1:1 coaching to entrepreneurial HR guidance, impactful facilitation, and inspiring keynote speeches, Dr. Morgan Blount, our founder, dedicates herself to unlocking leadership potential for diverse leaders and teams.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Customized roadmap to enhance your leadership skills.

HR Guidance for Entrepreneurs

HR Guidance for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial HR support and solutions, enabling your focus on business growth.



Join forces with me for impactful workshops, training, and team-building activities.



Book Dr. Blount as a keynote on diverse leadership and organizational topics at your next conference or event.

Dr. Morgan Blount

Founder & CEO

Your Guide to Leadership Success

Dr. Morgan Blount

Dr. Morgan Blount is a seasoned HR leader with over 13 years of experience across diverse Fortune 500 and startup environments. As the driving force behind Refined Leadership, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Dr. Blount’s educational background is equally impressive, with degrees from Bethune-Cookman in Hospitality Management, Webster University in HR Management, and Johnson & Wales University in Organization Development. She has further enhanced her qualifications with prestigious certifications in HR, Career Coaching, and Executive Coaching.

Committed to fostering leadership excellence, Dr. Blount is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential in the workplace and in business. She strives to make exceptional leadership an achievable goal for everyone. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Blount also hosts the RatedHR Podcast, where she engages in insightful discussions on a wide range of topics.


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Successful Client Journeys

We have repeatedly booked Refined Leadership to pour into our leadership cohort due to her skill to merge foundation leadership principles with relatable anecdotes.  From team dynamics to implicit bias, Dr. Blount has opened our team of high performing leaders and executives to new perspectives and approaches as they show up in their respective organizational spaces.  Most of all, she partners with her client to ensure the sessions are tailored to individual needs and adequately addresses all pain points.  I highly recommend Refined Leadership to any organization seeking to see sustainable growth, improved relationships, and actualized innovation.

Rickie Burney

Dr. Morgan Blount was the head of the inaugural Operations Analyst Program. At first, I was apprehensive about the program. Fortunately, those fears were quickly dispelled under Morgan’s leadership. From the outset, she set a tone of empathy, transparency, and accountability that put us all at ease. But what I admired most about Morgan’s leadership style is her ability to make you feel truly valued—even in a fully virtual environment. She always took the time to give each of us individualized guidance and support, which motivated us to perform at our peak.

Justin Harvey

Morgan Blount is an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure to work with her. She looks to bring the best out in people and treats everyone with great respect. We worked on a number of educational programs together, always learning from each other and having fun.

Larry Gordon

Morgan served as my mentor throughout my Summer Analyst program. Throughout the summer, she was very supportive and always ensured that my cohort and I were well connected with Citi. She always made herself available to guide us and constantly offered support. Morgan is a genuine leader and always remained a resource. It’s been great learning from her expertise. She truly played a monumental role in my career journey.

Ashlee Davis

Dr. Blount’s leadership style is exemplary. She possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate her team members, instilling a strong Morgan demonstrated a genuine interest in my growth and took the time to provide constructive feedback and mentorship. She consistently encouraged me to take on new challenges and supported my professional goals.sense of collaboration and enthusiasm among the interns. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Morgan Blount, and I credit much of my personal and professional growth to her mentorship.

RongHang Lin

Dr. Morgan Blount is a dynamic and effective leader and facilitator. The Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA) recently had Dr. Blount lead our icebreaker activity and team-building exercise to kick off our 2023 Leadership Development cohort. While developing each lesson, she considered the group members’ dynamics and the activities’ purpose while ensuring the audience felt engaged and enlightened by the end of each task. Dr. Blount was very easy to work with during the planning phase and thoughtful in asking questions that ensured she understood our end goal and how to best prepare for the session. Her efforts resulted in a carefully catered and very successful practice, and the audience felt connected to each other as well as the organization by the end of the program. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Dr. Blount is fortunate to have someone that is professional and relatable. We hope to have Dr. Blount revisit us for next year’s cohort.

Kari Knowles

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ATD’s OrgDev Conference

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