Kari Knowles

Dr. Morgan Blount is a dynamic and effective leader and facilitator. The Tampa Organization of Black Affairs (TOBA) recently had Dr. Blount lead our icebreaker activity and team-building exercise to kick off our 2023 Leadership Development cohort. While developing each lesson, she considered the group members’ dynamics and the activities’ purpose while ensuring the audience felt engaged and enlightened by the end of each task. Dr. Blount was very easy to work with during the planning phase and thoughtful in asking questions that ensured she understood our end goal and how to best prepare for the session. Her efforts resulted in a carefully catered and very successful practice, and the audience felt connected to each other as well as the organization by the end of the program. Anyone who has the privilege of working with Dr. Blount is fortunate to have someone that is professional and relatable. We hope to have Dr. Blount revisit us for next year’s cohort.